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Who doesn't enjoy watching young guys, in their sexual prime, stripping naked and jerking off? This collection features 10 different boys who get turned on knowing they have an audience, as they expose themselves and stroke out a much anticipated cum load. Some need the additional stimulation if an anal sex toy, or well-placed finger, while others can get there with just the help of their hand. Either way, it's a stroke show bonanza that is sure to have you on the edge of your seat with one hand busy.
Run Time 128
Cast Clade, Dan, Duke, Jerome, Mark, Oliver, Paul, Stefan, Stephen, Timo Hardy
Year Produced 2019
Aspect Ratio 16:9 WIDESCREEN
Regional Encoding None
UPC 847046020773



Clade is a big buff boy, who parks his butt on a sofa and begins stripping out of his clothes. By the time he's down to his underwear, that uncut cock is stiff and ready for release. Naked, he strokes his meat with determination, and in one final intense moment Clade cums. Unfortunately, he doesn't deliver much, but it was hot watching him get there.


On his back, Dan strips naked and then gets up on his knees to show off his body, both front and rear. It takes some time for him to get that uncut cock of his stiff. Once there he strokes with determination and ends up with cum running down his stroking fingers. Dan won't win any awards for delivering a big load, but the show he gives getting there is worth watching.


Duke lifts his shirt to reveal a nice build and an over grown happy trial. Then he strips down to his underwear and gives us a good look at his fuzzy butt. Once naked, he kicks back on the sofa and spreads baby oil all over himself. A little stroking quickly gets that big uncut cock hard and he's ready to get himself off. More oil is applied as he lubes his butt and hole, which is followed by some fingering while he works that stiff meat. Finally Duke reaches climax and spills a big load onto his oiled down stomach.


Sweet boy next door looking Jerome, has a big smile on his face, as he pulls off his shirt and stands for us to admire the bulge in his boxers. By the time this young man has stripped naked, he's sporting a big uncut boner that he takes in hand. With water cascading off his smooth body, Jerome offers a close look at his hole and then pushes a dildo in for added stimulation. The boy ends up on the shower floor, with legs in the air, as he strokes and fucks himself toward climax. By the time he's done, there's a splattering of fresh cum all over his belly.


Mark is a clean cut young man, with a slim and smooth body, which he quickly reveals as the clothes peel off. Naked, he works up a stiff boner and begins pleasuring himself. Then a bullet dildo finds its way up his ass and he's all over the sofa fucking with the anal sex toy and stroking cock. After edging himself a few times, Mark reaches climax and his dick spits a pool of warm cum onto his stomach.


Oliver is a slim boy, with long blond hair and a big uncut cock. After stripping out of his clothes the naked young man works up a stiff one, while fingering his hole for added stimulation. After spreading baby oil all over chest and stomach, he begins stroking with determination. Then he pauses to oil and finger his asshole, giving us a good look at his rear assets. The stroke show continues until he can't hold it back and soon his hairy belly is splattered with cum.


Paul is a young guy, with a hairy chest and belly, and he's about to jerk off for us in the kitchen. He's already hard, when the pants are pushed down, and he goes right to work giving his uncut dick some attention. The boy is all over the kitchen, as he strokes and fingers his hole. Then, lying on a table, he pulls out a dildo and starts fucking himself with it. The stroking and anal stimulation continues until Paul pumps out a cum gusher that splatters his tummy and chest.


Stefan is in the shower, wearing just a shirt and underwear. He quickly peels off the shirt to reveal a smooth and buff body. As the undies are removed, we first get a look at his fine little butt, and then he starts the shower. After soaping his naked body down, Stefan reaches for his uncut cock and begins to get stiff. Once rock hard, the dripping wet boy begins stroking in earnest. When he's ready to release, the young man squats down and strokes a cum load out onto his leg.


This baby faced cutie wakes up feeling horny and quickly pushes his underwear off to release his big uncut cock. With stiff dick in hand, he's soon completely naked and giving his hard meat the attention it requires. He gives us a seductive look, with those fuck me eyes, and then gets down to business. The horny boy is all over his bed, as he strokes with determination, until there's no holding back the inevitable. Flat on his back, Stepan releases and splatters his tummy with warm cum.

Timo Hardy

Timo is at his desk and ready to show us what he's got. The slim and smooth young man begins stripping out of his clothes, and as soon as the pants are around his ankles he's got that big uncut cock in hand. He quickly gets hard and wastes no time getting down to the stroke show we came to watch. The young man is all over the place, as he works his well lubed cock and balls. After bringing himself to the edge several times, Timo releases a warm cum load onto his tummy and smears it around.

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