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Few are as sweet and savory as Justin Cross, Chris Summers, Payton Connor, Andrew Callahan, Jackson Wright, Timber Harvest, and Justin Stone. These innocent-looking lads sport big, tasty candy and are tightly packed as they cavort with their BFF. Watching them kiss and fondle each other will make your mouth water, but watching them turn into downright dirty little bareback whores will leave you craving your very own… Tasty Twink Treats!
Run Time 103
Audio Live Sound
Cast Justin Cross, Chris Summers, Payton Connor, Andrew Callahan, Jackson Wright, Timber Harvest, Justin Stone
Year Produced 2019
Aspect Ratio 16:9 WIDESCREEN
Regional Encoding None
UPC 847046020933


Scene 1 - Justin Cross and Chris Summers

After a long game, Justin Cross and Chris Summers can finally relax. Except there's one problem. Justin lost, and Chris is worried about his buddy's feelings. He gives himself up as a consolation prize, and since there isn't a person in the world who can say no to such an offer, the two are immediately making out. Next thing you know Chris is on his knees, sucking on Justin's big cock. Chris soon ends up with Justin's lips wrapped around his own cock and enjoys the oral favor before taking Justin's throbbing shaft up his ass. Justin fucks Chris bareback and cums all over his balls and freshly stuffed hole.

Scene 2 - Payton Connor and Andrew Callahan

There's nothing like a steamy whirlpool to open up the pores, the mind, and the soul. It also works to loosen up the libido! Not that Payton Connor or Andrew Callahan need loosening up. At least, not when it comes to their desire, because their lust is always there, bubbling and churning, just below the surface. So is it any wonder that the moment the twinks get inside, they get down to business? We didn't think so. After making out, Payton sucks Andrew then positions him on hands and knees, ass up in the air. And, just in case the brunette had any doubt as to who is in charge, Payton gives Andrew's ass a few good slaps while eating his sweet hole. The dark-haired beauty kneels to suck Payton but soon ends up on all fours, bareback fucked deep and hard and long. But just like all good things must come to an end, so too does this encounter between two adorable young men, with Payton shooting a geyser of fresh goo!

Scene 3 - Chris Summers and Jackson Wright

After experiencing a threesome together, Chris Summers and Jackson Wright are ready to commit because they want more than just frivolous sex. The two are so excited to be on the same page they start making out. Soon, Chris drops to his knees and devours Jackson's large cock. Jackson returns the oral favor but soon ends up with his ass in Chris's face. The brunette licks and laps at the beautiful, pink starburst as if he were famished. Hell, who wouldn't? Jackson's got the kind of hole that was meant to be devoured like a tender cut of beef! Chris makes a meal out of the tiny opening, milking Jackson's tool before sliding into him. Chris fucks hard, and Jackson loves every thrust. So Chris pounds even harder, working up to a breakneck speed. He fucks the jizz out of Jackson, and it is truly breathtaking. It reaches almost halfway across the table! Chris delivers a good load, giving Jackson a delicious facial. But Jackson's cum shot. Wow. It is... unforgettable.

Scene 4 - Timber Harvest and Justin Stone

Timber Harvest likes to wrestle. There's only one problem. He's not exactly the best when it comes to pinning down a twink. However, what Timber lacks in style, he makes up for with his dark good looks, sexy smile, and humongous cock. One might say, Timber has winning ways. Justin Stone knows what Timber has, and Justin wants it bad! And his desire makes Justin weak enough to give Timber the upper hand. Timber wastes little time in pulling down Justin's singlet and exposing that tender, puckered starburst. He proceeds to eat Justin, rimming his sweet ass, filling the hole with his thick tongue. Timber then pulls out his huge tool. Justin devours it, sucking hard. Once the curved, thick slab is spit-lubed, Timber slides his raw cock balls deep inside Justin and starts to thrust. He's slow at first, then picks up speed, stretching Justin open as he bareback fucks the dirty-minded, slutty twink whore. But Justin's hole is way too tight, and the sub cock fiend knows how to milk Timber's uncut, throbbing shaft. Timber spews all over Justin's belly, then Justin impales himself, riding Timber like a bronco. But Timber needs to drive. He flips Justin on his back, spreads his legs, and keeps pounding the slender, dick-hungry bottom until he's fucked the jizz out of Justin.

Scene 5 - Chris Summers - Tub Solo

Summer is coming. That means warmer weather and sweatier bodies. And while cool showers are fun, and one way to beat the heat, Chris Summers prefers a lukewarm bath. But Chris doesn't just sit there, luxuriating in soapy water. Yes, he bathes, but he beats his meat, too! The horny twink shows off his curved cock while masturbating with steady wrist action in this solo tub scene with a big load finale!

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