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Who doesn't like a Southern daddy? Hot raw action with sexy southern daddies, enjoy Mitch Roberts, Michael Ryan, Bubba Ryder, Peter Dorest, Kurt Jacobs and Pig Bench in raunchy bareback sex.
Run Time 90
Audio Live Sound
Cast Mitch Roberts, Michael Ryan, Bubba Ryder, Peter Dorest, Kurt Jacobs, Pig Bench
Year Produced 2019
Aspect Ratio 16:9 WIDESCREEN
Regional Encoding None
UPC 847046020957


Mitch Roberts & Michael Ryan

Two horny older daddies hanging out on a couch, having some fun; Mitch in nothing but his underwear (white briefs) and Michael in a jockstrap. Michael Ryan sucks on Mitch Robert’s big fat dick, taking it out of his tight white briefs. Mitch fondles (and fingers) Michael’s ass, while Michael deep throats Mitch’s rod and cups his balls in his hand. After sucking on Mick’s nice thick cock, Michael is ready to start bouncing on this daddy’s lap (with his nice big cock up his ass of course). The two dads make out while Michael rides Mitch, Mitch soon taking over and bouncing his buddy with his hips and big cock. Mitch fucks Michael on his back, before removing the jock and bending him over, to pound him with his big rod and balls, and smashing into him with his big ol’ dad bod. It’s a nice long fuck session, with lots of moans before Mitch buries a big load deep within Michael, pulling out his nice cock to let it drip all over his ass and balls.

Bubba Ryder Sucks Peter Dorset

Hot, horny bear Bubba Ryder is back, to feast his eyes and mouth on another hot hairy and horny daddy, Peter Dorset. The two daddy bears play outback. Bubba Ryder goes down on Peter Dorset’s dick, sucking hard, making Peter moan loudly. Peter calls Bubba his piggy, which makes bubba more eager to serve, and suck harder. The louder Peter moans, the harder Bubba sucks the daddy off. Bubba, very good at sucking cock, soon has Peter cumming all over his face and beard in no time. Bubba bobs up and down, waiting for peter to cum, like an excited, hungry bear, waiting for someone to throw him some treats before Peter finally gives it to him. The two men then share a big wet, hairy, cum covered kiss. Watch these two men show how big horny daddy bears like to play, in this new, wild and raw video from Natural Born Breeders.

Kurt Jacobs Pig Fucks Bench

Furry Tattooed Bear Kurt Jacobs begs to be fucked. It's a warm day in Florida and we arrange 3 horny cum filled furry guys to cum over and take turns on Kurt's raw ass. First, furry Otter Michael Johnson starts off the party and warms up Kurt by planting a sweet load in his strong ass. The doorbell rings again and 2 others return the same favor in Kurt's meaty ass. Who wants to be next?

Mitch Davis & Kurt Jacobs

The big burly bottom bear (Kurt Jacobs), and the handsome rancher bear top (Mitch Davis) can’t wait to get to some good male bonding and breeding in his heated scene from Natural Born Breeders. Mitch Davis and Kurt Jacobs have flirted and chatted online and on twitter before, and have expressed wanting to get together to bang, and now they’re both here to “fuck like crazy” as Mitch Davis says. “I’m looking forward to Daddy Mitch,” says Kurt Jacobs, with his handsome, cute, yet hungry smile. Mitch smiles at Kurt’s comment, and the two daddy bears immediately begin making out, grabbing each other’s big dad-bods and groaning like big, strong hairy animals. (Their bulges in their jockstraps pulsing, throbbing, getting hot and heavy.) After locking jaws, they start munching on each other’s pits, grabbing their bulges. Daddy Mitch unwraps Kurt’s package first, feasting on his big hairy bear chest, before revealing his own hunky piece of bear meat. Kurt happily goes down to suckle on Daddy Mitch’s cock. The two bears play, Kurt sucking on Daddy Mitch’s big dick, while Daddy Mitch eats Kurt’s big beefy bear ass, growling and stretching it open, getting it ready for it to be bred by his daddy dick. Mitch face-fucks Kurt, and the big piggy bear sucks on his dick vigorously, before making out again, pawing at each other. Then Daddy Mitch gets to taste and suck on Kurt’s big juicy cock and balls. Kurt enjoys being played with and sucked off by this daddy, but wants Daddy Mitch to fuck him and breed him badly. Mitch gives Kurt’s ass some well needed attention, and gets it ready with his tongue and hands, before suddenly plunging his cock deep between his hot, firm hairy cheeks, and into his tight wiling hole. Both of their big bear-dad bodies bounce as Mitch fucks Kurt. Mitch makes Kurt moan as his stuffs his discarded jock-strap in his face. They fuck doggy-style, huffing and puffing like the big horny bears they are, before Mitch flips his big piggy bottom over on his back so the daddy can plow Kurt like the good, obedient, man-hungry boy he wants to be. Kurt’s toes’ curl, with his beefy legs up in the air, as Mitch thrusts into his hungry hole, Kurt wanting his daddy bear to unload his big balls, and shoot his big load of cum for him. “Here I come, boy!” grunts Daddy Mitch, pounding away on his big piggy bear. “Get ready, boy. Good boy!” “Fuck Yeah!” grunts Kurt Jacobs. They growl and kiss before Mitch pulls out, pulling Kurt close to his cock, Kurt fingering Mitch’s big butt, and blows a load all over Kurt’s big hairy face. The two big bears kiss, their faces and beards covered in cum. “Fuck, Daddy,” moans a satisfied Kurt Jacobs. He growls happily, “Thank you.”

Michael Ryan SOLO

Sexy Michael Ryan loves to show off hi hole and cock while stoking.

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