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You know what it’s like when you’re young. Always horny, looking at pretty things. Always looking to connect. Kiss. Suck. Fuck. Cream. Justin Cross, Jackson Wright, Timber Harvest, Tyler Tremallose, Anton Marceau, Justin Stone, Adam Strong, and Daniel Hausser are no different. They like to touch and kiss. They love to suck and get sucked. But they live to fuck, unload, and share… Raw Twink Cream.
Run Time 113
Audio Live Sound
Cast Justin Cross, Jackson Wright, Timber Harvest, Tyler Tremallose, Anton Marceau, Justin Stone, Adam Strong, Daniel Hausser
Year Produced 2019
Aspect Ratio 16:9 WIDESCREEN
Regional Encoding None
UPC 847046020988


Scene 1 - Justin Cross and Jackson Wright - My Fancy

Justin Cross and Jackson Wright chill on a Saturday afternoon. When Jackson confides in Justin, telling him that the boyfriend isn't much into foreplay. Naturally, Justin is suddenly in the mood to play with the twink. He touches, then tickles Jackson, who laughs hysterically. Now we know why his boyfriend isn't into foreplay! But Justin doesn't stop. He strips Jackson, kisses him, then keeps on tickling. Eventually, tickling leads to making out, which gets Jackson eager to wrap his lips around Justin's big, fat tool. Growing more serious, Justin returns the oral favor then slides his large cock inside Jackson. The dark-haired hunk works up to a good rhythm as he fucks Jackson bareback. Eventually, he rewards the pale sub-bottom with creamy seed. And after Jackson fires off a load, Justin once again becomes a tickle monster. Who knew tickling could be so much fun?

Scene 2 - Timber Harvest and Tyler Tremallose - Keep Up

Twink buddies Tyler Tremallose and Timber Harvest are out for a run. Each tries to keep up with the other except Tyler keeps lagging behind, on purpose. Turns out he's got a thing for Timber's ass. Which is good since Timber likes Tyler's rear end, as well. When they get back home, all sweaty from their morning run, they show off, teasing each other into stripping. Soon, Timber is on his knees and sucking Tyler's cock. Except Tyler isn't a feeder. He enjoys a big fat tool in his mouth, and no one has a tasty uncut monster like Timber. The two continue trading blowjobs until Timber decides he wants more. Exposing Tyler's pink hole, Timber gives him a good tongue lashing. Timber bareback fucks the horny twink, but Tyler eventually flips him. And in an attempt to “keep up” Tyler gives as good as he gets. Tyler unloads all over Timber's freshly fucked hole then slips back inside, fucking the cum into him, which pushes Timber over the edge in an explosive climax!

Scene 3 - Anton Marceau and Justin Stone

After a sensual bath that leaves them both dripping wet, Anton Marceau and Justin Stone head to the living room where they immediately start making out. Justin devours and deep throats Anton's huge, thick, black cock and can't seem to get enough of that BBC! The skinny little white boy soon throws his legs up in the air. Anton, never one to refuse a smooth hole, makes a meal out of the tender, pink morsel. Once Justin is pumped and primed, Anton slides home, bareback fucking the twink with his raw cock. It's a steady, balls deep fuck that makes Justin cry out louder and louder as Anton pounds harder. Sadly, like this scene, all good things must come to an end. Anton pulls out of Justin to spew a copious amount of freshly churned jizz, all over the pale ass. Justin follows with a big load of his own. And after all that? They're dripping again, only this time, with sweat! Now they'll have to take another bath and probably end up starting the whole thing all over again!

Scene 4 - Justin Cross and Adam Strong

Justin Cross is hanging out at home when there's a knock at the door. Adam Strong is there for a booty call. Justin, exploring his dominant side, commands Adam throughout as the smaller, dark-haired beauty sucks his cock. Adam then gives up his ass. First, he preps himself and warms up with a fingering. Then Justin takes over, using his cock to stretch the slender twink open. Slammed like a dog, Adam gets precisely what he came for... a big, raw cock, and a load of jizz in his mouth.

Scene 5 - Daniel Hausser - Solo

Daniel Hausser is at Justin's to pick him up for practice. There's only one problem. Justin doesn't appear to be home, and if he is, he's not answering the door. Daniel barges in and calls out, but when no one replies, he walks into Justin's living room. There, he sees Justin's things. Daniel picks up Justin's blue undies and takes a whiff. Growing bolder, Daniel strips and jerks off. Between his smartphone and Justin's underwear, Daniel has plenty of fuel to spur him on as he strokes his cock. Daniel alternates between sniffing Justin's underwear, then his footie socks, occasionally using his underwear to masturbate. After he makes several attempts to ensure Justin isn't home, Daniel surrenders to his lust. He jerks off, fingering himself until he blows his load all over his buddy's sneakers and sofa. Oh, if only Justin had been there!

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