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Girls aren’t the only ones who want to have fun. Boys want the same thing! And no one wants it more than Especially Anton Marceau, Diego Martin, Timber Harvest, Billy Saint, Just Cross, Justin Stone, Payton Connor, Chris Summers, and Andrew Callahan. Yes, they like cuddling and a bit of romance and, eventually, they want to settle down. But before they find “the one” to have and to hold, all these twinks want to do is fuck bareback and sow some wild oats in… To Have And To Hole.
Run Time 93
Audio Live Sound
Cast Anton Marceau, Diego Martin, Timber Harvest, Billy Saint, Just Cross, Justin Stone, Payton Connor, Chris Summers, Andrew Callahan
Year Produced 2019
Aspect Ratio 16:9 WIDESCREEN
Regional Encoding None
UPC 847046020803


Scene 1 - Anton Marceau and Diego Martin

Latin twink Diego Martin is sweet and pretty. Not unlike candy! And just like candy, he knows what it will take to get Anton Marceau in his bed. Laying out a trail that goes from his navel, up to his chest, Diego soon has Anton where he wants him. After sharing sweet kisses, Diego goes for what he wants. It's something he wants very badly, and it's big and hard and savory. Diego sucks Anton, drooling spit all over the throbbing shaft. While deep throating Anton, Diego plays with his own hole, getting himself ready for what's to come. Anton then buries his face in Diego's ass, eating him out with almost frantic energy, then slowing down to tease the hungry bottom. He works his big black cock inside Diego, but the Latino is tight. And if you've ever fucked a tight hole, you know what that's like! It takes Anton a couple of tries but once he's in he bareback fucks Diego hard, pushing him towards the edge. Eventually, Diego ends up riding Anton, bouncing on his cock and getting him to come. Diego then fires off a juicy load of his own, which Anton eats. Hmmm. Wonder if, after all that candy, Diego's cum is sweet?

Scene 2 - Timber Harvest and Billy Saint

Southern Strokes asked Timber Harvest and Billy Saint questions about money, clothing and, naturally, sex. Both were upfront with their replies as they got to know each other and WE got to know more about them. But twinks being twinks, they're soon horny, and everything comes off. Buck naked, they make out and take turns sucking cock. Soon, however, Timber makes a meal out of Billy's sweet ass. He rims the bottom twink then slides that huge honker of an uncut cock inside Billy. In fact, there are moments when it looks like Timber is so enormous, compared to Billy's petite ass, you'll swear the smaller twink will split! But rest assured, Billy is still in one piece… despite Timber wrecking his hole. If you get off on smaller guys getting fucked by a big dick, you'll lose your mind -- and your nutt -- watching Billy take Timber's massive meat. And just wait until you see them unload!

Scene 3 - Justin Cross and Justin Stone

After training with a client, Justin Cross comes home to Justin Stone, who wants to know how the session went. "Nothing special," replies Cross. Then, when Stone asks what he wants to do, the dark-haired, swarthy young man decides he wants to see who's better... his roomie and fuck buddy Stone or his last client. The two strip down and Stone soon finds himself with Cross's huge cock in his mouth and down his throat. But the slender twink wants more than a dick in his mouth. He wants a thick, throbbing shaft up his tight ass! Stone rides Cross bareback, taking him deep. After a while, though, Cross takes the reins. He flips Stone onto his back, slides home, and pounds the hell out of the power bottom. Cross shoots a big load all over Stone's face, giving him a cum facial. Then, after the twink spews on himself, the two Justin's share a sticky, cum-filled kiss. This is Justin's "something special," the moment he enjoys most after sex. You decide which Justin.

Scene 4 - Payton Connor, Chris Summers and Andrew Callahan

After playing a game of Twister, Payton Connor, Chris Summers, and Andrew Callahan fall to the floor in a tangle of limbs. But who won? Payton, who is super competitive, declares he's the winner, but Andrew tells him to go fuck himself. Except Payton would rather fuck Andrew. And who wouldn't? The innocent-looking and pretty twink immediately kneels and takes turns sucking Payton, then Chris. Payton wants in on that dick sucking action and devours Chris and Andrew. Soon, however, he directs Chris to suck his cock. Except, with a dick that big, one mouth isn't enough to satisfy Payton. He gets both, Andrew and Chris, to suck his large and throbbing shaft. Payton orchestrates the entire scene, first shoving Andrew's face onto Chris's cock, then flipping the twink around, so we see Andrew taking Payton's dick down his throat. Meanwhile, Chris makes a meal out of Payton's sweet hole. It doesn't take long for Payton and Chris to spit-roast, then tag team Andrew's firm ass, bareback fucking until they each let loose with a big load of fresh twink jizz.

Scene 5 - Diego Martin - Solo

Scruffy Diego Martin is excited about the booty call he's just received. So excited, in fact, he goes off to prep for the fuck that's about to come. Or so he thinks! Unfortunately, the Latino twink gets stood up. But that's okay because, as Diego says, he doesn't need anyone. All he needs is some good porn and his smartphone. With a Southern Strokes scene inset into the screen, so you can see what he's looking at, Diego slips into the fantasy as he masturbates. We even get to hear the audio from the twink threesome! Like a madman, Diego pumps his uncut cock until he spews a fresh, creamy load all over himself. See what his booty call missed by flaking out and standing him up? But at the end of the day, Diego always has himself. And if you can't count on yourself, who can you count on?

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