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Kissing and making out is fun. Consider it foreplay. A prelude for the heavy-duty fucking that is yet to come. But when it comes right down to it, it’s all about the cock. And for a true, live-wire type of connection, to feel your man's energy merge with your own, butt fucking has to be raw. Drew Sebastian, Sir Jet, Joey Wagner, Jack Dyer, Liam Greer, Angel Ferrari, Joel Someone, Ryan Carter, and Jason Angel know this, just as they know that no matter who they’re with, for them, sex has to bareback because they live… For the Love of Raw Cock - 2.
Run Time 91
Audio Live Sound
Cast Drew Sebastian, Sir Jet, Joey Wagner, Jack Dyer, Liam Greer, Angel Ferrari, Joel Someone, Ryan Carter, Jason Angel
Year Produced 2019
Aspect Ratio 16:9 WIDESCREEN
Regional Encoding None
UPC 847046020964


Scene 1 - Drew Sebastian and Sir Jet

Big, bald and bad-assed Drew Sebastian is about to check out of his hotel. But before he leaves, he wants to make sure that Sir Jet comes over to suck on his monster cock. Cut to Sir, on his knees, worshiping Drew's enormous slab. While Sir sucks his cock, Drew fingers his hole, telling him exactly what he's going to do, in a gravelly voice that's sure to get you wet. Drew's cock is so big Sir can barely take it in his mouth, but he keeps sucking. After a rim job that spoils Sir for anyone else, using only spit for lube, Drew works the entire length of his curved, thick slab into the eager whore. After bareback fucking the muscled bottom, Drew spews all over Sir's face, who cleans up the hairy hunk. Once he's savored Drew's seed, Sir impales himself once more and goes for a ride, eventually stroking out a huge load all over Drew's belly.

Scene 2 - Jack Dyer and Liam Greer

Hairy, inked Daddy Jack Dyer is in the pool clowning around with sub cocksucker Liam Greer. When they climb out, Jack immediately strips out of his swimsuit and show off a terrifically hard cock. And it's all for Liam, who instantly gets to work servicing Jack, as well as his balls. It's still broad daylight as Liam rides Jack's pierced cock. He bounces up and down, fucking himself bareback, taking every inch Daddy Jack has to offer. He's on all fours, on the chaise lounge as Jack pounds him hard. Eventually, they flip, and Liam ends up on his back, fucked well into the night as the sun goes down. Jack rewards Liam by shooting an enormous load, splattering his DNA all over the bottom daddy.

Scene 3 - Angel Ferrari and Joel Someone

Decked out in jockstraps and leather harnesses, Angel Ferrari and Joel Someone are locked in an embrace with some heavy duty kissing. It's clear Angel owns Joel as he moves his head up and down to deepthroat his big cock. This isn't just sucking dick. This is face, throat, and skull fucking. And although Joel chokes and gags from time to time, it's obvious he enjoys giving up control. At first, because Angel had his cock buried balls deep down Joel's throat, the sub white boy kept silent. But once Angel buries his face in Joel's ass and eats his hole, Joel becomes a loud, trash-talking slut! The bearded sub jumps and screams as Angel spurred on by Joel's dirty talk, rims and fingers his hungry ass. And the proof that Joel wants Angel to slam him? When he says, “Penis up my guts.” And Angel provides. WHAM! One thrust. One shot. One scream. The bareback fucking is intense, but so are the screams and the grunting. Beefy, hung Angel doesn't just fuck Joel. He wrecks him, taking ownership of Joel's ass and driving him to the edge of lustful insanity. Angel blows thick, creamy man juice all over Joel's face, and in his mouth. Joel shoots a juice load as well, practically singing as he comes, while his body jerks and jolts. This is what sex should be. Nasty. Intense. And full of trash talking, sex-crazed bareback whores.

Scene 4 - Ryan Carter and Jason Angel

Jason Angel is doing laps in the pool when Ryan Carter steps out onto the balcony. Aroused by the dark-haired hunk, Ryan gropes himself and beckons. Jason, unable to resist, approaches. The muscled hunk immediately drops to his knees and starts sucking. But Ryan needs to know Jason is still submissive. The aggressive top fucks Jason's face, thrusting in and out of his hungry mouth. Ryan soon turns around and offers up his ass for Jason to eat, which he does, still on the balcony, while the sun begins to set. Night falls as Ryan slides his curved, raw cock inside Jason and uses his hole. The two soon take it inside where Ryan bareback fucks Jason like the whore that he is, and Ryan can scream out, as loud as he wants. Ryan spews all over Jason's hairy, freshly fucked hole, seeding it with his protein. He then sucks the jizz out of Jason, swallowing most of his load, then sharing it with Jason.

Scene 5 - Joel Someone and Joey Wagner

Joel Someone and Joey Wagner explore a mutual sexual fantasy... older bro and younger bro. After a heavy-duty makeout session, they strip down, and Joey goes after Joel's huge cock. He needs little motivation, but Joel gives it to him just the same, talking dirty and commanding the cocksucker on how to best service his big dick. They're soon in a 69 position, with Joel chowing down on Joel's cock and Joel devouring Joey's sweet ass. After a priming that leaves him open and wet, Joey goes for a ride and savors the taste of his ass on Joel's tongue, as they kiss. In a terrific overhead shot, we get to see how hot Joel looks sliding that big raw cock inside Joey's hungry hole. After fucking Joey a while, Joel offers up his cock for the sub-bottom to taste, in a bit of ass-to-mouth. Joey then gets on all fours and Joel slams home. He lays into his "little bro," bareback fucking the slut until he's stretched out and sloppy. Joel fucks a big load of cum out of Joey and makes him eat it before shooting a big load himself. Joey, being the cum pig that he is, climbs aboard and seeds his own ass.

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