When its time to play with your buddies the only way to go is bareback! Natural Born Breeders bring you Barebacking Buddies featuring Riley Mitchell, Liam Greer, Valentin Forte, Rick Long, JD Daniels, T WillcoX, Alejandro Skyman, Tony Lazzari, Brock Knox, and Anthony Ginello in their very own barebacking daddy adventures with their buddies!
Run Time 97
Audio Live Sound
Director David Ramoneo
Cast Riley Mitchell, Liam Greer, Valentin Forte, Rick Long, JD Daniels, T WillcoX, Alejandro Skyman, Tony Lazzari, Brock Knox, and Anthony Ginello
Year Produced 2019
Aspect Ratio 16:9 WIDESCREEN
Regional Encoding None
UPC 847046021022


Riley Mitchell And Liam Greer

A big, hot, muscled, macho blonde slab of beef, Riley Mitchell, and sexy muscle slab daddy, Liam Greer, are together for a hot smackdown of sucking, fucking and breeding in this hot new video from Natural Born Breeders. Watch these two big slabs of beef pound against one another, as these two big daddies take each other on a wild, hot, and sexy ride. Riley is one hot beefcake and shows how to pound Liam’s big hot muscle bear butt like a champ. He fucks Liam’s big sweaty, hard bare ass, with his thick long dick, until he drops a big load of cum, growling, into the hot horny daddy.

Valentin Forte And Rick Long

Valentin Forte tops Rick Long in a Natural Born Breeders scene! These daddy bears like it hot and raw!

JD Daniels And T Wilcox

JD Daniels and his husband T WilcoX are together for a hot and intense scene of Natural Born Breeding. This is the first public scene of JD Daniels and his hubby T WilcoX performing together, and it’s a “killer hot scene”. After sharing a deep kiss in bed, the two take a nice hot bath together, making out passionately, rubbing against each other’s wet bodies. This rubbing soon escalates, as these two fine men are soon licking sucking, fucking and breeding. JD Daniels knows how to give his husband some good attention, and T WilcoX knows how to take it like a man as his husband slams him with his thick long dick. The moaning is intense between the two husbands, as JD plows his man’s ass until he releases a powerful load in him.

Alejandro Skyman And Liam Greer

Get ready for good breeding! Watch these two daddies go deep in this new video of hot, studly, manly action from “Natural Born Breeders.” These two big handsome daddies (Alejandro Skyman and Liam Green) get their paws all over each other, both in jock-straps, showing off their awesome dad-bods to each other. Daddy Skyman rims Liam’s big bubble butt, getting his hole all lubed up and ready for a good plowing. Once Skyman takes off his jock, presenting his nice ass and cock, things really start to get rolling. They flip-flop fuck in the sling, rocking it back and forth, muscles clashing. Liam gets to be the one to fuck the load out of Daddy Skyman. Liam growls (roars) loudly as he empties his hot creamy load deep in Daddy Skyman’s big beefy ass.

Tony Lazzari And Brock Knox

It’s a hot day at the beach ... well, at least at a beach-side hotel room, as these two muscle studs (Tony Lazzari and Brock Knox) get down and dirty in bed. Tony goes down on Brock’s long, thick, hard cock, sucking on it like a big juicy popsicle, on this hot day. Tony is good at milking big dicks and knows how to work his mouth on Brock’s impressive rod. His cock all lubed up with Tony’s saliva, Brock is soon drilling Tony’s bubble butt with his huge fat cock, making his ass wet with his hot precum. Brock pumps a big load from his big heavy balls and dick while grinding and pounding into Tony, cumming deep inside him. Brock continues to fuck Tony, after breeding him, fucking a nice big load out of him.

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